Is The End Near For Messi & Ronaldo, As Messi Turns 30 Today

Barcelona superstar, Lionel Messi turns 30 today and having won approximately 30 trophies in his illustrious career it's safe to consider him among the greatest players of all time if not the greatest.  The diminutive forward along with his fierce rival, Cristiano Ronaldo has lighted the world of soccer over the past decade, They have been smashing records upon records, and even setting their own Records for others to break.

With Messi turning 30, and Ronaldo well passed 32, it wouldn't be an understatement to say the end is nearer than ever for the two living legends. The two of them have been dominating the world of football for the best part of the last 10 years and have shown no sign of slowing down, proving that age is just numbers.

Lionel Messi (5) and Cristiano Ronaldo (4) have won the last nine balon d'or between themselves, which shows why they are held in high esteem at their both clubs and national teams respectively.

The question that will be on the lips of every football fans, will be how much longer can the historic duo carry on their dominance as age is seemingly no longer on their side. No player have ever come near the shadow of the two superstars, talk less of overtaking them. The debates have always been between the two of them given that no player have been up to their level.

We all should stop this madness we call debates, as Diego Forlan once said, "We are just lucky to be able to watch them at their best. Enjoy them while they last; they are special talents." So we should all stop comparing them, instead we all should be grateful to have watch them play as they are truly a blessing to the world of football. 

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