Germany Becomes Latest Country To Legalize Gay/Same Sex Marriage

Germany has become the latest country to legalize gay/same sex marriage. The announcement was made today after a total of 393 politicians voted in favour of legalising marriage for every one, 226 voted against it while 4 others abstained from voting entirely.

The snap vote occurred today, just days after Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel altered her opinion to permit a free vote.

Ms Merkel, has dependably been against same-sex marriage, however she took into consideration the vote in the wake of saying on Monday that politicians could take up the issue as a "question of conscience". Not surprisingly, she voted against the bill refering to worries over the welfare of children.

Individuals from Ms Merkel's conservative coalition were given the opportunity to independently vote in favor of their decision instead of following party loyalty. The Chancellor said however she voted against legitimizing gay marriage, she trusted Parliament's endorsement of the measure would promote more social union.

She stated: "For me, marriage in the essential law is marriage between a man and a lady and that is the reason I didn't vote for this bill today."

Germany has permitted same-sex couples to enter common associations since 2001, yet same-sex relational unions had stayed unlawful. All of Ms Merkel's potential coalition accomplices after the September 4 election have been requiring the legitimization of same-sex marriage. In any case, her conventional Catholic conservative bloc was not happy when she reported that she would allow government officials to vote on same-sex marriage as per their individual conscience got under the skin of some in her customarily Catholic traditionalist alliance.

The "marriage for all" bill will give gay and lesbian couples full conjugal rights and enables them to adopt children. It will probably be passed into law by the President some time after July 7.
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