Suspected carjacker caught in a church

A Facebook user, Rex Ahiwe has narrated how a suspected car thief was caught in his church, Rex revealed that the alleged car thief had a fake injury on his belly, which he uses to fool his ignorant preys. Rex added that 2 car master-keys were found on the accused, after he was searched by the church security men.

Read Rex Ahiwe Facebook post below

EVIL IN TOWN BE WISE. Today in our church this young boy came to our church, with a faked fire burn wound pretending He has fire incident, To God glory Dr Okebugwu Nwankwo was in church who prove to us that it is a fake one. When our security men satched him They got 2 vehicle master key with him. Who knows whose car could go today. Becarefull about evil in d town
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